Thursday, September 9, 2010

WWW Lesson Plan Task 3

Level : Form 2 ( intermediate)
Time : 35 minutes (1 period)
Theme : People
Topic: Jobs People Do
Language Content : Reading (Scanning for information)
Aims : To practice reading (scanning for information )
           To practice writing through information transfer from the websites into written task

Technical requirements:
1)      1) One computer per 2 students
2)      2) Internet connection
3)      3) Web browser

Websites :

Preparation :
1)      1) Teacher locates the websites
2)      2) Teacher prepares task sheet
3)      3) Teacher checks the availability of computer access, internet connection, sites and the classroom condition before the lesson.

Procedures :
Set Induction ( 3 minutes)

1)      1) Teacher pastes 2 pictures of working people (picture of a doctor and a teacher) on the board
2)      2)  Teacher asks students about the job scope of both professions

Development (25 minutes)
1)      1) Teacher writes website’s addresses on the board
2)      2) Teacher assigns students to browse the address given
3)      3) Teacher asks students to read on the texts from the websites
4)      4) Teacher distributes worksheet for each student
5)      5) Teacher asks students to work on the task by pairs

Conclusion (5 minutes)
1)      Teacher pastes the answers on the board and students check their answers

Follow-up activity :
1)      Teacher asks students to list down the job prospects of their ambition.
2)      Students may use internet to search further information about their ambition.

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  1. The topic is very relevant, however, 35 minutes is too short and the language content is not mentioned.

    errr...can you stop the music from being played automatically?