Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reflection on Hot Potatoes

Write a reflection on the use of Hot Potatoes thus far (no specific format, requirements etc. You're free to write anything).

Assalamualaikum.First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Izaham for making the CALL class  enjoyable and interesting; with one hour lecture and one hour computer-based language exercise. The class never show the dryness as the computer application is applied after being taught. As I relate to myself, I am a tactile and visual learner thus this condition help me to prolong my attention span.

Hot Potatoes was introduced by Prof. Izaham somewhere in August. For the first attempt, I found using the application as difficult. Alhamdulillah, with the help of the classmates, my mind set is changed and i found it as not very difficult as i thought before. It is interesting to use Hot Potatoes in designing exercises for the students. I never knew how to use Hot Potatoes before ( a senior used to download the application to my computer and I almost remove it ) because I didn't know its purpose. When I got into CALL class, now I know the purposes and the features of Hot Potatoes.

Even though I found Hot Potatoes application is enjoyable and motivating, sometimes I face difficulties. Sometimes I have to redo the exercises which I have constructed just to make sure it can be downloaded and lack of imperfections. I admit, I am not as creative as other classmates in developing the tasks through Hot Potatoes. sometimes, I missed important steps in creating and publishing the exercises. In addition, it makes me feel a little bit stress. Alhamdulillah, fellow friends help me a lot in working out with the difficulties. Thanks to them..

I'm still new to the Hot Potatoes and I need to explore further to use other features. 

In applying Hot Potatoes, there are several types of exercises can be designed such as JMatch,JMix,JCloze and so on. Personally, the most capturing task is JMatch. The reason why I like JMatch because I like to match this and that. In my personal life, I am more interested with compare and contrast games as well as match making games.

Overall, I like to use Hot Potatoes in designing the courseware.As like me, I think other people will also like the application.